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Wonderful bread and fish multiplying

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March 29th, 2011 Posted 6:55 pm

Erik Mátrai – Wonderful bread and fish multiplying (Csodálatos kenyér és hal szaporítás)

mixed technique – 140 x 80 x 50 cm
2011 –  Hungary

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Bread and fish in Second Life

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May 3rd, 2009 Posted 3:25 pm

Kakukkfu YosukeArt’s 1.000.056 ‘th birthday

cyberformance –  2009 ian. 17
location: Second Life

This cyber performance or cyberformance was made in one of the metaverse known as Second Life, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game( MMORPG).

The action is a reinterpretation of a biblical story in which Jesus made a miracle duplicating bread and fish to a plenty of starving  people. In cyberspace duplicating is not a miracle, and the bread is not an important symbol anymore. read more on his blog here.