bread in arts

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March 24th, 2016 Posted 4:54 pm

Maiken Brathe – Edvard Munch beim Frühstück


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Death by Hamburger

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March 20th, 2016 Posted 12:12 pm

David LaChapelle – Death by Hamburger

Death-By-Hamburger-2001_fg700wider- La chapelle
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Retrospective Bust of a Woman

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March 20th, 2016 Posted 12:03 pm

Salvador Dali – Retrospective Bust of a Woman
Painted porcelain – 1933

He embedded the inkwell in a loaf of bread and placed them both on an accessorized bust. The necklace is a strip of repeating images from a zoetrope, a precinematic toy that provides the illusion of movement as it rotates.

Salvador Dali's Retrospective Bust of a Woman

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Toast Ale

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February 13th, 2016 Posted 1:22 pm

Toast Ale – London


“We slice, toast and mash the bread to make breadcrumbs ready for the brewing process.  It’s brewed with malted barley (pale malt, CaraMalt, and Munich Malt), hops (Hallertau, Centennial, Cascade, Bramling Cross), yeast and water.”

Profits from the sale of Toast Ale will go to Feedback, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system.

Visit their website



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Social Swipe

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February 13th, 2016 Posted 1:14 pm

Interactive Billboard
Kolle Rebbe agency – Hamburg, Germany
Cannes Lions Gold winner 2014


Relief organisation, Misereor, has worked with Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe to create an interactive poster that accepts credit cards and shows donors the result of their donation on the spot. The Social Swipe is a new sort of poster, encouraging engagement with an instant call to action. Each swipe of the credit card is a fixed donation of 2 Euros. The swiping triggers an animation sequence that shows just what that simple donation can do to help the poor and disadvantaged.

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Meet Anna Homler, The 80s Avant-Garde Artist Behind Breadwoman

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February 13th, 2016 Posted 1:00 pm

Anna Homler – Breadwoman
Los Angeles, USA


While you all may be obsessed with the brief Internet sensation that was “BreadFaceBlog“, just know that long before virality was a “thing”, there was an eternal character known as Breadwoman. Emerging from the depths of LA’s underground art gallery culture in the 80s, Breadwoman is a timeless, avant-garde character combining ephemeral electronica with anthropological inclinations — and it’s about time she’s risen again, hollowed-out bread on her head and all.

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February 13th, 2016 Posted 12:54 pm

Anna Pogossova – Sydney

AnnaPogossova_The Vine-076 2

visit her website

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Bread Face blog

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February 13th, 2016 Posted 12:44 pm

BreadFace – Korea – 2015

Check her actions on Instagram.


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Hospital breakfast

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January 12th, 2016 Posted 10:34 am

Váncsa Domokos – Hospital breakfast
Romania, 2008


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Hospital supper

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January 12th, 2016 Posted 10:30 am

Juhász Péter – Hospital supper
Hungary, 2015

Conditions in hungarian hospitals getting worst.


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